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One of the most common questions relating to Entityforms is how to embed them on a node.  This short video walks you through the steps.

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Hi there, I'm currently building a Real Estate website using Drupal 7, and I need to embed a Form in every property listing, so my customers can ask for more information on this form, but I need to pass something to identify which property they are asking for.

Using Entity Form can I embed something like the node ID o in case of a Content Type some custom field?



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I think this probably a common problem.

I actually just finished making a module to solve this.


Read the description on the project page and this will hopefully explain how to you how to use it.

It is a dev module it is in working condition.  I plan on making a video about it soon.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ted. Excellent module! Is your video for Entityreference Current up yet? I'm not too sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I've enabled "Entity reference current" for my content type, but I see no evidence of this in the form submission or the email that comes through. Is there something else I'm supposed to do? My scenario is Cars that belong to Dealerships. So in my Dealerships content type I have "field_dealership_reference" that refers to my entity form. The "Add Car" form shows fine on the Dealerships node, but I can't seem to get any of the Dealerships value. Would really appreciate your help in this regard. Many thanks!

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If you post a detailed description the module issue queue I will take a look when I have time.

Thanks Ted. I'll do so

you have a typo in your url alias :) great explanation btw

Just wandering is it possible to make an entityform to a node? so it has the drupal default comment functions.

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You can use as Entity Reference field on a content type that references and EntityForm Type.  That way you could have comments underneath it.

I have created an Entity form "Alumni Registration Form" which I have embedded into a book page called "Alumni Registration" Is there any way to hide the Entity form title?


Thank you very much for the clear instructions. The pace of the tutorial was perfect, at least for me.

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Glad it help you.

thanks for informaton this is great site and video its simple for understand by me

Great video and article. I too have same issue, I am looking to transfer by couponing site on Drupal and I want to add extra feature/model inform of user submitted form, Where I can collect their data about which coupon they have used and which they want. I do have around 100 plus store and tens of coupon for each of them. Does that possible?

Thanks in advance
Suzanne http://www.cydiarepo.com

Excellent module, thanks for your sharing, Ted.

I have created an Entity form "Alumni Registration Form" which I have embedded into a book page called "Alumni Registration" Is there any way to hide the Entity form title?

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I have run into this issue. There is an issue with Entity Reference that would allow this: https://www.drupal.org/node/2236527

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