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The new Entity Rules module for Drupal provides a new way to associate Rule components with events for different entities such as users, nodes and taxonomy terms.  This allows users who do not have access to the Rules UI to still configure when the Rule components are triggered for the Entity types that they can administer.  It also allows this user to specify values for the parameters that are sent to these Rules components. This can be especially useful for modules like Entityforms and Entity Registration  where a user who is not a "site builder" may be adding multiple bundles.

Entity Rules provides a new administration screen that allows creation of Rules components that are divided into the following categories:

  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Form Access
  • Validation
Then for each Entity type that the module is enabled for a new Rules tab will appear on every bundle management page.  From this screen the user can assign different Entity Rules Components to be triggered by events in the categories above.  The Form Access and Validation Rules Components add functionality that is not available in the regular Rules module.
To see try out an example of this functionality see the Entity Rules Node Limits sandbox project.


but i hate the role mechanism in drupal. I like the one in windows 8 and the way microsoft manages roles for its applications and services. sharepoint for example

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