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Ever wonder how to find the entity_id of any enity in Drupal 7.  Of course for most common entity types it is very simple. $node->nid for nodes, $user->uid for users, etc. But what if you want to simplify your code to avoid code like this:


 case 'node':
    $entity_id = $entity->nid; 
  case 'user': 
    $entity_id = $entity->user;


Also what if you want to handle entity types that you don't know about before hand.  I ran into this problem recently when I wanted to write a patch for the Scheduled actions (D7) module.  I needed to delete all scheduled actions for an entity in an implementation of hook_entity_delete.  

Luckily Drupal has the function entity_extract_ids which will give you the primary id, version id and bundle name for any entity.  You need the entity type and the entity object.  It returns you:

A numerically indexed array (not a hash table) containing these elements: 0: primary id of the entity 1: revision id of the entity, or NULL if $entity_type is not versioned 2: bundle name of the entity

So to get the entity_id of any entity you just use:

$entity_id = array_shift(entity_extract_ids($entity_type,$entity));

Voilà, works for any entity!!


Concise and useful article! Thank you, it help me a lot for solving a problem in my coding.

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Glad you found it useful!

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