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While there are many great Drupal distributions most of these distributions can be overwhelming for those new to Drupal to understand.   For most distributions it is not necessary for you to understand everything that is going on under the hood. If you want a conference website, COD - Conference Organizing Distribution is a great choice.  It probably doesn't matter if you don't know everything about the way it was built.  

On the other hand you may want to use a Drupal distribution to help you learn Drupal.  In this case most distributions are probably too complicated for those without advanced site building and/or module development skills to understand.  For this reason Six Mile Tech is introducing the first in it's line of Learning Distributions™ .  

OpenFolio™ is a distribution that serves two purposes.  On one level it is a super simple visual artist portfolio site that allows uploading of images and organizing them into galleries.  Openfolio is also meant to be used as a learning tool.  It contains almost no custom code aside from it's install profile.  It is built to be understandable by beginning and intermediate Drupal site builders.  Openfolio can help you learn Drupal site building by example. 

Some of the modules that Openfolio demonstrates are

If you are not familiar with Drupal distributions basically this means that you can download Openfolio and install it in the same way that you would with Drupal itself.

Download OpenFolio

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Six Mile Tech offers online trainings via Skype, Google Hangout, or a screen sharing technology of your choice. These trainings can be used for generalized Drupal trainings or to tackle a specific problem for a site you are working on.