This course is a professional level introduction to those wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of programming for Drupal. 

This course is not simply a video screencast of a developer making a module, YOU will be creating the modules. In each lesson you will learn fundamentals of Drupal module development and write your own code with what you have just learned. This course can be used by individuals or web development companies who want to take their development to the next level and speed up their Drupal development.

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After this course you will be able to make your own Drupal modules and tap into the real power of Drupal.  It will save you time and money by teaching you to create your own Drupal modules and helping you to solve your problems with contributed modules.

What you will Learn

In this course you will learn to:

  • The Drupal hook system
    • Integrate your code with Drupal events such as content saving and users sign up
  • Create Drupal Permissions
    • Integrate your functionality into Drupal’s permission system allow access via user roles
  • Create Menu Links and Page Callbacks
    • Never put PHP in a node again.
  • Create and Alter Drupal Forms
    • Create your own configuration and business logic forms
    • Customize any existing form on a Drupal site such as the node editing form.
  • Create Drupal Blocks
    • Your blocks will appear in the blocks administration page and integrate with modules such as panels and context.
  • Understand Drupal render arrays
    • Create output that is completely customizable in the site’s theme.
  • Create and Use Theme Functions
    • Learn to customize the HTML markup produced by Drupal
  • Update Nodes and other Drupal Entities
    • Programmatically update nodes to simplify the site user’s experience

Course Contents

  • Over 25 lessons
  • Over 5 hours of video
  • Guided Creation of 3 modules
  • 6 Challenge Exercises
  • Online support

The Instructor

This course was created and is supported by Ted Bowman, tedbow on his profile). Ted created and maintains several popular Drupal modules such asEntityform, Webform Conditional, and Entity Rules which are used by over 30 thousand sites. He also has made contributions to Drupal core for Drupal 7 and 8 as well as popular contrib modules such as Media, Entity API, and Display Suite.  He also leads both public and private Drupal trainings.


You should have some knowledge of PHP or another programming language. You should also have basic knowledge of Drupal site building.

Only $89

Only $89

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