Never put PHP in a Node again!

Ok, we have all heard it, and many of us have said it when we were starting out on our journey to learn Drupal development, "I didn't know how to make a module... so I just put some PHP code in a basic page."  It makes me cringe but hey, if you don't know how to make a module and you are in the middle of a project it can seem daunting.

Entity Rules - Exposing Rules' power without Rules' complexity

The new Entity Rules module for Drupal provides a new way to associate Rule components with events for different entities such as users, nodes and taxonomy terms.  This allows users who do not have access to the Rules UI to still configure when the Rule components are triggered for the Entity types that they can administer.  It also allows this user to specify values for the parameters that are sent to these Rules components.

Why Entityforms? The case for a Field and Entity based Survey System in Drupal

Everybody knows about Webform so why would we want another survey system in Drupal? Entityforms takes a very different approach by using an entity and standard fields approach to forms. Entityform submissions are field-able entities.

This has many advantages including being able to use virtually any field module in Drupal. Now you can easily gather geographic information, reference site content and include media references in your surveys and other forms. It also allows for simple integration with popular entity-aware modules such as Views, to handle submission lists and Rules, to handle notifications and form access.

OpenFolio: a Drupal Learning Distribution

Openfolio is the first of Six Mile Tech's Learning Distibutions™ . OpenFolio™ is a distribution that serves two purposes. On one level it is super simple visual artist portfolio site that allows uploading of images and organizing them into galleries. Openfolio is also meant to used as a learning tool. It contains almost no custom code aside from it's install profile. It is built to be understandable by beginning and intermediate Drupal site builders. Openfolio can help you learn Drupal site building by example.

Providing Exported Webforms for Issues for the Webform Conditional module

Supporting the Webform Conidtional can be difficult at times because Webforms can be very complex and a bug that happens in one Webform may not show up in another Webform. To provide better support I am asking users who find bugs in the Webform Conditional module to proivde an exported version of a Webform that experiencing the bug they have found.  

Find any entity's primary id in Drupal 7

Ever wonder how to find the entity_id of any enity in Drupal 7.  Of course for most common entity types it is very simple. $node->nid for nodes, $user->uid for users, etc. But what if you want to simplify your code to avoid code like this:


 case 'node':
    $entity_id = $entity->nid; 
  case 'user': 
    $entity_id = $entity->user;