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This form demonstrates the functionality of the Webform Conditional that I created. The Webform Conditional module allows you create Conditional Rules for Webform components that appear on the same page of the form. It is dependent on the Webform module. The core Webform module allows you to make Conditional Rules but a component can only be conditional on a component that appears in a previous page of the form. Webform Conditional allows components to be conditional on Select options components that appear above it on the same page.

This check box controls a textfield on page 2 that inside a fieldset. You have to check the box on page 2 to see the field set though. So effectively you have the page 2 check box will only show up if both checkboxes are checked.
This is single select listbox that will show/hide 2 fieldsets.
Fieldset 1
All the components below will be shown and hid. If a nested component is mandatory then it will only be mandatory if shown.
This field will be mandatory if shown
Fieldset 2
Nested Fieldset
More nested fun!
Just to show email validation. If you fill out a invalid email and then hide this component it won't throw an error.
What was the greatest date ever?

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