Online Drupal Courses

Everyone loves the convenience of online courses, but most of the other Drupal training programs that are out there today are merely video libraries. Six Mile Tech provides actual online instruction consisting of both online presentations and offline exercises that are supported by living, breathing people. Rather than learning Drupal in a sterile online vacuum, through Six Mile Tech you can learn along with other students in a fun and interactive online environment.

1 on 1 Online Trainings

Is Panels confusing you?  Do you want to learn to do more with Views?  Ready to learn Drupal module development?  Do you need help making Information Architecture decisions for a new site? We can help!

Six Mile Tech offers online trainings via Skype, Google Hangout, or a screen sharing technology of your choice.  These trainings can be used for generalized Drupal trainings or to tackle a specific problem for a site you are working on.  

Our focus is on your learning experience.  We want to teach you the skills you need to become your own Drupal expert.

Ted Bowman aka tedbow on will be your trainer to guide you past Drupal's infamous learning curve.  Check out Ted's profile on to see his work on his multiple contributed modules.

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