Create, Update, and Manage Websites Without Coding

Six Mile Tech specializes in simplifying website development for businesses and individuals. How do we do it? Our secret is Drupal, a community-built development tool that is revolutionizing the way people build websites.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is regarded as one of the best website development frameworks available today because it uses a point-and-click interface. No web programmer needed! 

Six Mile Tech provides basic to advanced instruction in Drupal 7 either online or in-person.

Who Uses Drupal? 

Enterprise level sites such as, The Economist, and Sony Music have already tapped into the power of Drupal to create powerful web sites. Shouldn’t you?

How Do I Get Started Using Drupal?

Six Mile Tech can help! We offer unique convenient and customized training solutions to help new users really understand the power of Drupal and how it can make their website a reality. 

Using a practical, hands-on approach, students learn basic to advanced skills in a classroom where each student receives plenty of personal attention. Training can be arranged at our location or yours. Customized training packages are available!