Everyone loves the convenience of online courses, but most of the other Drupal training programs that are out there today are merely video libraries. Six Mile Tech provides actual online instruction consisting of both online presentations and offline exercises that are supported by living, breathing people. Rather than learning Drupal in a sterile online vacuum, through Six Mile Tech you can learn along with other students in a fun and interactive online environment.

Introduction to Drupal 7 Module Development

This course is a professional level introduction to those wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of programming for Drupal. 

This course is not simply a video screencast of a developer making a module, YOU will be creating the modules. In each lesson you will learn fundamentals of Drupal module development and write your own code with what you have just learned. This course can be used by individuals or web development companies who want to take their development to the next level and speed up their Drupal development.

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Beginning Drupal

Our Beginning Drupal course introduces you to the core concepts behind building websites in Drupal 7.  This course will take you through a series of practical exercises to build a functional Drupal 7 site and prepare you to create your own dynamic websites using Drupal.